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The Waler

We have been long interested in the Waler, both from an historical viewpoint, as well as admiration for their durability under some of the hardest circumstances through history. Given that interest, when we found that Walers are being culled off what used to be remount breeding stations, we looked into possibility of obtaining some, to set up a breeding program.

We know that many people have been led to believe the Waler to be nearing extinction, and many others believe they simply do not exist, given that none but "Sandy" returned to Australia after WWI;. That is the general reaction we have had from people who do not understand the history of horses in Australia. This is not true and for more information please feel free to visit the official site of Waler Horse Society of Australia.

Another factor people often forget, given the sheer number of horses in Australia that led to so many being exported into India for Indian Army mounts, and for our own mounted Infantry, meant that the breeding stock here in Australia were in massive numbers; many farm and station owners bred certain strings specifically "for the war effort" and for export, and there are large areas of Australia, with the scope and scale of our country, that still harbour wild remnant bloodlines that are desirable for breeding today. They have bred tough naturally, and that is what is truly sought in the Walers of today- toughness and a hardy, can-do nature.

However, from our personal position,we are just proud to be producing these fantastic animals.

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