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Niles is a corking cross of Newhaven Helaman and Waler Heart Naya- a full brother to Nobleman.  he is a far better conformed horse already, with elegance in movement, should hit 15.2 at least, has excellent legs with an athleticism that draws the eye to him when all the colts are charging around the padddock.  The one who gets compliments from horsemen who recognise the style and quality of horse.  

Currently lightly haltered, to be branded, possibly gelded, however is stallion quality at this stage.  If purchased prior to handling completion, discounts apply.

$5500 haltered, leading, feet, float loading.




s. Grassbrook Merric  x d. Juliet's Pride

"The Red King" 

Out of the incredibly lovely producing mares who has given me a collection of consistently beautifully natured,  athletic horses, Jasper is stallion-quality in presence, attitude, and conformation. His balanced markings, confident personality, and intelligent eye gives him something special.  He is set to mature to a minimum of 15hh, and is available now,  entire.  He is under halter, leading, hoof trimming  and has his WHSA Foal Recording, with all DNAS completed.                      $5500 firm.



Finny (W1173) is a very sweet natured, steady, 3yr old colt. Finn is not being sold as suitable to become a ridden horse, due to injuries to his nearside hind pastern, and offside fore cannon.  He is not lame, and assumption is, that the injuries were sustained as a foal.  He is now adult registered, and is thought to be the only entire colt from Newhaven Helaman/Helaman the Righteous (WF1151) and out of Waler Heart Flame (WF1172)  (who's parentage was Shy Red x Wangara Boronia, both Newhaven origin horses.)

Finn is  cool headed, not coltish, and is haltered, feet trimming, backing up, and is currently learning to float load on a step-up float.  He is being offered to sale "as is" due to his possibility to become someones' steady to handle stallion.  He will not be saddle broken.                                                                                                                            Finn has headed to WA to begin stud duties.             




Harry is a cheeky, clever thinking colt, to be gelded and though ineligible for registration (DNA has been completed), he will make an excellent saddle horse, with a thinking attitude and a penchant for working out how to open gates- a lovely combination of his parents, who I expect will become an excellent saddle horse and someones' best mate.


s. Grassbrook Merric x d. Grassbrook Seraphina

Seraphic is offered to sale at weaning (ready in July 23) as an entire colt.  He is a lovely combination of his parents, with some elegance to his movement gained from his dam, and set to be a well put-together, solid boned colt.  Seraphic will be gelded prior to sale.

Sold under halter and with WHSA Foal Recording.       

$5500 firm.



s. Grassbrook Merric x d. Talara Araluen

Teddy is foal recorded is going to hit 15hh and sit around there- he is heavily influenced by his dam, well feathered, and a lovely colt.  He is for sale, entire, and if his prior dam progeny have any indication as to his nature, he should prove to be a priceless addition to any stud or home. Sold under halter and with WHSA Foal Recording & WHSA membership.






s. Grassbrook Merric x d. CM Desert Traveller

Under offer to registered Waler studs/Breeders ONLY.

Carrying only Jinka and Tempe lines, this little cracker will drop coat to black, should stand at a neat 15hh, and if his dams' other progeny are anything to go by, be an exceedingly tidy saddle horse, suitable to show whilst being smart and althetic on feet, be cowy, have a lovely natural carriage and head set, with a compact and impressive conformation, topped off by his totally shiny colour and points.  This is colt worth waiting for.  Sold under halter and with WHSA Foal Recording.                             $5500 firm. 



s.   x d. Waler Heart Empress

Elbiy is a very clean limbed, pretty looking boy, with nice markings and an intelligent eye.  He has a sensible head, and is to be sold gelded, haltered and branded with the Waler Heart brand.

DNA yet to be completed, and as yet, unhandled.

$5500 registered $3300 unregistered                                                             SOLD


s. Newhaven Helaman  x d. Waler Heart Princess

Paxton is a very clean limbed little gelding with nice markings and an intelligent eye.  He has a sensible head, and is available entire upon weaning, which is slated to be in May.      He tends to get called Possum, because he's very sweet. Started in a halter                              $5500

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