Please note, each horse has a link to the Facebook album dedicated to them  on our  Grassbrook Walers page. They include the most up to date photos and details available, as well as relevant sale details.  


Grassbrook Tai Lyman F1075

19/11/2017 -WHSA Foal Recorded Bay colt
Tai- "talent"  Lyman- "meadow dweller" 
Mt. Murray Shah Jehan x Circle M The Legend 

Bay, big even blaze, considering both sire and dam are not over 14.1hh, hoping for pony type.  Very social already, and currently undergoing basic handling and halter breaking.  Dam is super quiet and hope that Tai is headed in the PC mount area, like his big brother Willoughby. He should not mature over 14.3hh. 
He is halter broken, gelded, trimming,  This gelding is very quiet.
$3000 unbroken
Mature 1.1hh approx
$5500(inc GST) broken in


Grassbrook Dykuma Tamerlan F1077

24/11/2017 WHSA Foal Recorded bay colt

 Dykuma- lithuanian for "desert" Tamerlan- "iron one"

MM Shah Jehan x CM Desert Traveller.

Friendly, weaned, undergoing basic handling and halter breaking. Shouldn't mature over 14.3, hoping to be see him as Hunter and with young rider into the future. Sold gelded, trimming, tying, and float loading.  Siblings by dam are all top notch horses, beautiful looking, great to train, and resulting in show quality stock well worth breeding. Sparky and is by far the smallest, but makes up for it in bravado.

Currently halter broken, gelded and trimming..


Mature 14.2hh approx 

$3000 unbroken.

$5500 (inc GST) broken in


Grassbrook Osar Pirro F1076

23/11/2017- WHSA Foal Recorded chestnut colt
 "Red head of the ridge" 
Mt Murray Shah Jehan x CM Onyx Princess.
Looks like 4 big socks and a loud face with a deep chestnut coming through. Nice movement on this little boy.  Very confident and a little bossy in the paddock- looking forward to halter breaking.  All stock out of his dam have been exceptional, and stud is retaining sibling females with this breeding.
Currently halter broken, gelded & trimming.
Mature. 14.2hh approx.
$3000 unbroken
$5500 (inc GST) broken in