Grassbrook Merric

1/11/2017 bay colt 
Mt Murray Shah Jehan x CM Midnight.
Name means "from the dark people"  
Lovely bone, solid and strong conformation.
Currently untouched.
EOI over $3500 welcome.


Grassbrook Tai Lyman

Colt, 19/11/2017 
Tai- "talent"  Lyman- "meadow dweller" 
Mt. Murray Shah Jehan x Circle M The Legend 
Bay, big even blaze, considering both sire and dam are not over 14.1hh, hoping for pony type.  Very social already,


Grassbrook Dykuma Tamerlan

24/11/2017 Dykuma- lithuanian for "desert" Tamerlan- iron one Bay colt, only whites are 2 mid canon socks and a front fetlock

MM Shah Jehan x CM Desert Traveller


Grassbrook Osar Pirro

23/11/2017 Colt
 "Red head of the ridge" 
Looks like 4 big socks and a loud face with a deep chestnut coming through. Nice movement on this little boy.
Mt Murray Shah Jehan x CM Onyx Princess.